Online Public Speaking Training Programme

LLamada telefónicaA unique Online Public Speaking Course has been conceived and designed by Nimble Foundation.

We have sought to leverage the power of multimedia and various tools available through social media.

Well, how we go about it?                                                                               

We have identified that the major cause of deficient speaking skills and/or ineffective presentation skills is: ‘fear of rejection’ which is the root cause of stage fright. It shakes our confidence. We are not able to express clearly what we know very well.  Our ‘fear of rejection’ is due to:

  1. We are afraid that people may find our thoughts foolish and that they may not laugh at us.
  2. In our mind we think that our speech is not very articulate.
  3. We often find that we cannot hold the attention of listeners.
  4. Oftentimes, we are unable to speak exactly what we planned and/or prepared. Instead, we say something else which is not effective. Therefore, we regret it.
  5. We do not breath properly because we are not aware when we breath during our speech.

At Nimble Foundation, we have designed an unbeatable, our trade mark “Voice Culture” programme. This ensures following benefits:

  1. It corrects the inadequate and improper breathing habits.
  2. It improves the clarity of speech with speech exercises that improve our ability to use our speech organs effectively, which in turn bring about clarity in spoken words.
  3. Mitigates the use of filler words….’like’, ‘you know’ and..u ..u..etc.
  4. Further, it develops ‘voice modulation’ in speech which in necessary to hold the attention of people.
  5. Above all, the programme helps to coordinate between the mind and the speech. Our Mind thinks ten times faster than the speech.

The above course comprises 10 sessions. Each session is of 60minutes.

The sessions are made interactive with conference calls/sound files/videos Whats App and/or Skype. Experienced and very well trained faculty conducts the sessions. Each group is limited to 10 participants.

We send by courier the hard copy of the copyright course material to facilitate practice of the various exercises as detailed above.

The introductory fee for the entire course is Rs. 5000/=only. You can pay online.

Nimble Foundation is serving industry and individuals in the field of communications for the last 13 years!

Picture shown is not ours, it is only for demonstration.


With best wishes,

For Nimble Foundation

Satish Kakri

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